Areas of Practice

wills and trusts, probate administration, general practice attorneys

Estate Planning
Requires a sensitivity to our client's unique current and future needs and plans for themselves, their family, and at time other beneficiaries.

Probate Administration
Estate administration is the process prescribed by law to transfer real or personal property from a person who dies to their heirs pursuant to their will or pursuit to Florida law if the decedent does not have a valid will.

We represent homeowners faced with foreclosure proceedings, whether they want to keep their home through a loan modification or give up their home under the most beneficial terms possible through a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure.

Insurance Claims
Insurance companies usually try to settle claims for the lowest amount possible. We fight against unfair claim denials and low offers to help ensure that you obtain the recovery to which you are entitled, taking the insurers to court when necessary to protect your rights.

Probate Litigation
We offer legal services to challenge a will or to defend a challenge of a will, trust or other transfer of property upon death or during a grantor's lifetime.

Wills and Trusts
Florida law provides for a variety of estate-planning tools including a will or a trust. Schedule a consultation for an explanation of all estate planning documents available for you and your family.

Business Law
Advice concerning the proper business entity for you can be a very important part of your financial and estate-planning needs, as well as for a successful business.

Real Estate
Real estate representation involves more than just reviewing documents before a closing. You may need assistance in formulating an offer to purchase or contract to sell real estate as well as other advice or consultation.

General Practice
We offer legal services for a wide variety of legal needs. We also maintain a list of attorneys who specialize in areas of practice that we do not provide. Therefore, you have one firm to call for your legal service needs or for a referral to a firm that offers the services to meet your unique needs.

Civil Lawsuits
On occasion, the only way to resolve a dispute is by filing suit in order to motivate an individual or company to resolve a dispute or pay a bill. We are available to represent you as a plaintiff or defendant when necessary.